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In After School Audio enrichment classes, children are given a safe and positive reinforcement environment with the necessary tools, guidance, and support in order to explore their creativity, and you will watch them thrive in an atmosphere where they blossom into their unique personal best!

Our New Remote Virtual Class!

Students dive into music-making the most empowering way possible – recording & arranging their very own songs!


Learning music theory, by using the concepts to create your own music, is the best possible way to learn. & you can do it now from the safety of your own home!

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Songwriting & Music Creation for Any Age!

Students generate their own inspiration – learning by doing – songwriting, recording, & composing; making exciting & practical use of the the music theory concepts that are covered in the class! The program gives kids a birds-eye-view of the song creation process – teaching them to make & record music the way their favorite songs were professionally made!

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