About Us

We believe children have the strongest imagination, & therefore creative potential.


In After School Audio enrichment classes, children are given a safe and positive reinforcement environment with the necessary tools, guidance, and support in order to explore their creativity, and you will watch them thrive in an atmosphere where they blossom into their unique personal best. 



We are professionals at both music-making & working with kids.

Our staff

Darrow Andelin

Program Director


Darrow is the founder and program director of After School Audio. As a music producer, he creates uplifting dance music under the name Sunshine Beats.


He has been a songwriter for as long has he can remember, but only beginning as an instrumentalist in his rebellious teenage years, when Darrow’s heart chose the guitar. Being mostly self-taught on his guitar until college, he began studying classical music & received his BA in Ethnomusicology, studying the developmental processes of music in humans – asking fundamental questions about the underlying purpose of music. His research led him to the understanding that at the heart of creativity is having the confidence to make mistakes. & so he brings the vision to cultivate creative confidence – knowing everyone is a uniquely gifted musician, totally capable of developing a beautiful and empowering relationship with music. 


Bringing this intuitive approach to learning music, combined with teaching students to have a music theory compass for aiding in direction, Darrow’s mixing of his insights, experiences, & passion for music have developed a unique curriculum to cultivate creative confidence for anyone.


Darrow is a talented musician that inspires & encourages through his music teaching & performance.


When he’s not teaching, he spends time out in nature with his beloved furry four-legged friend Lola, & his music is inspired by the natural world. Both on & off stage he connects to his inner-child through music, bringing a playful experience of wonder that drops joyful listeners into their hearts.


Sample his unreleased song, “You & I,” that he wrote for his dog, Lola:

Josh Brown



Josh is an experienced guitarist, drummer, and music producer who has been playing, writing, and recording music for over 10 years! Originally from the Greater Boston Area, he fell in love with music at an early age from a combination of listening to his dad’s record collection and spending many late nights playing Guitar Hero. Inspired by the energy and liveliness of the music he was listening to, he began playing guitar and drums.


Josh attended Tufts University to originally pursue Mechanical Engineering, where he was also a part of multiple bands and performance groups on campus. After working in product design for a year and a half after college while indulging in all his musical hobbies on the side, he quickly realized that the desk life wasn’t for him and decided to pursue his passion full-time. In addition to performing and teaching lessons, he has worked at recording studios as a manager and music producer, as a live sound engineer for wedding bands, and as a teacher and independent academic tutor for dozens of students.


As a teacher, Josh has a very laid back and friendly style – he believes that having fun and enjoying each session is just as important as the actual content being taught, and will lead to better and faster results in the end for his students. Josh believes it’s never too late (or too early) to get started in music, and he loves working with students of all ages!


When he’s not teaching, playing, or working in the studio, Josh also enjoys cooking, hiking, and playing sports!


Listen to Josh’s single, “Waves.”

Trevor Whitney


With a sound that is as dazzling as it is heartfelt, Ruely is the project of 24-year-old Trevor Whitney, the triple threat talent hailing from Seattle, Washington. A singer, songwriter, and producer, Whitney’s passion to create music with a purpose is evident in both his emotionally rich compositions and his empathetic lyrics.

Whitney hopes to provide a listening experience that both capitalizes on emotional reflection and brings forth interpersonal growth. Many of Whitney’s works are motivated by the hardships of humanity, seeking to lend a helping hand to those coping with tragedy, struggling with mental illness, or to simply lift someone up on a bad day. If anything, Whitney’s music strives to inspire hope in those who need it most.

The overarching theme of Whitney’s discography truly demonstrates his belief that music creation should be inspired by the way you feel, rather than by the demand for a certain kind of song. Whitney’s fervor for music began at a young age, with the name ‘Ruely’ nostalgically inspired by a childhood nickname his parents gave him. Whitney has blossomed into a full fledged musician with vulnerability being his driving force.


Check out Ruely’s, “Home is an Emotion.”