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Learning music theory is most effective when paired with inspiration driving the desire to learn. Our students learn by creating their own songs.

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Ask about our pay-what-you-can pricing model. We want every interested child to have access to this.

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Our instructors are skilled musicians and experts at empowering kids. We are professional music producers providing real experience to inspire the next generation.

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Antoine Bosha-Riad

4th Grade

Three classes for beginners of any age

 We craft our songs together in classes of 10 students by video-chat from the safety of your own home! All along the way students are inspired & empowered learning music theory concepts by creating their very own songs – available for mp3 download at the end of the class!

No musical experience necessary!

Beat-Making for Kids

K-1st grade

Song Design 101

2nd-5th Grade

Music Production Studio

6th grade & Up


START September 21st

Frequently asked questions

Music Production is the contemporary version of composing music. A Music Producer’s main tool, the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), is at the heart of a Recording Studio. Teaching music with a DAW is powerful because it allows one to create their own songs from the very beginning – learning from an inspired place where they are the ones inspiring themselves – it’s very empowering for a child! We believe teaching Music Production is the best and most fun way to teach children, or anyone, music and songwriting. 
As far as the music industry is concerned, the skillset of being a music producer is one of the biggest assets any musician can have. Young musicians are piecing together their own bedroom recording studios and making music that is being heard at the top of the charts! Music Producers are essentially musicians that make and record their own music. Musicians no longer need record labels and expensive studio time when they know how to track, edit, and produce their own music.
It is not far off to say that the successful musicians of the future will be music producers – and that is who we are guiding! 🙂

Just a computer & a set of headphones!


While a simple MIDI keyboard is definitely encouraged, they are not necessary! Students can do musical typing with their computer keyboards & on-screen piano keyboards.


If you want to go the full 9-yards & buy a MIDI keyboard, they’re only $35 & you can follow this link:


Our program is purchased in a package of 8 weekly studio sessions for $200.


This means that for only $25 per class, your child learns valuable music concepts, feels inspired by music, & gets an empowered confidence to create! 


Our classes are also sliding scale! This means that we can work together to develop a price-point that meets your needs. We want our classes to be available for all children that have an interest!


We also offer the first class free. Sign up for yours at the top of this page!

“Cultivating Creative Confidence through Songwriting & Music Production.”


Darrow, the founder & program director of After School Audio, developed the idea through experience & research over several years: 


Darrow has been a songwriter for as long has he can remember, but only beginning as an instrumentalist in his rebellious teenage years, when Darrow’s heart chose the guitar. Being mostly self-taught on his guitar until college, he began studying classical music & received his BA in Ethnomusicology, studying the developmental processes of music in humans – asking fundamental questions about the underlying purpose of music. His research led him to the understanding that at the heart of creativity is having the confidence to make mistakes. & so he brings the vision to cultivate creative confidence – knowing everyone is a uniquely gifted musician, totally capable of developing a beautiful and empowering relationship with music. 


Bringing this intuitive approach to learning music, combined with teaching students to have a music theory compass for aiding in direction, Darrow’s mixing of his insights, experiences, & passion for music have developed a unique curriculum to cultivate creative confidence for anyone.

Our classes are for beginners of all ages! No prior music or songwriting experience is necessary! 


If you have experience, you are welcome also! We learn all kids of things that will probably be new to you!

Yes, we can teach big-kids too! 


Most of our students are kids, but we have a few older students learning the ropes of music production as well.


Sign up for the “6th Grade & Up” class, & when you get the reply email from us, make sure to respond with your age so we can send you important information on childhood privacy.

Our clients say

"This is the best after-school class ever!"
Jason burgman
"My son is so excited to show me the music he can create, and I have been blown away by what he's made! I don't even understand how he makes some of these songs sometimes.. What I do know is that he thoroughly enjoys it and is proud of his ability. He is excited to get home & edit his songs almost every day!"
Hall Read
"I love music production. I want to be a singer-songwriter music producer when I grow up and this class helps me learn how to do it!"
"I used to know nothing about music. Now I can create an awesome song in just a couple hours! This class is so awesome!"
Santiago Iturriga